Soylent Cafe: Chai and Vanilla

New flavors combine the nutrition of Soylent with caffeine

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Anyway to get samples?
@arintoker Not that I've found. I'm hoping now that there are so many flavours we could get like a 6-pack that includes one of each flavour! 2.0, Vanialla, Chai, Coffiest, Cacao, and Nectar in a combo pack would be amazing. Or even just an assorted 3 pack where you picked 3 flavours. My office is organizing a split of a dozen of each of this so people can try before they commit to a case.
@arintoker /u/soylentconner on Reddit (the primary Soylent marketing guy) said expect a sample pack soon.
@arintoker there is now, also 7/11 carries it
They keep crush'n it, keep it up boys!
Like the packaging :)
Not buying it... I LOVE Coffiest and the regular bottled soylent...but they blew it on Cocoa and whatever that Fruit Loops flavor was. Would prefer you guys to refine those sugar-bombs before committing to new flavors.