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I'm definitely not the target demo (I prefer to eat food) but always appreciate Soylent's branding and site marketing. Others should take note.
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Yay! New Soylent Flavors. I love the regular drink, but I'd love to shake it up. (pun intended) Cocoa 🍫 sounds good, and Nectar 🌸 sounds interesting. I'd love an option to switch out two regular bottles in my next shipment for these. From the website: These additions to the Soylent Drink line demonstrate the Company’s commitment to ongoing innovation. Following the successful debut of Coffiest, the Soylent product team has followed up their work with a series of new flavors. Cacao’s essence of velvety chocolate and Nectar’s custom-made fruity taste developed in the Soylent test kitchen are the perfect complements to Original and Coffiest. With a macronutrient profile matching Soylent Drink’s Original flavor, Cacao and Nectar deliver 20% of daily nutritional requirements in delicious and convenient packages.
I'm a simple man, I see new Soylent flavors, I buy them.
It would be nice to get a bit more info on what Nectar actually tastes like beyond just being "fruity," but I was super impressed by the taste of Soylent's food bars which also didn't really have a description at all, so I'm optimistic.
@brendonbigley It tastes like the milk from a bowl of fruit loops, with the fruity flavor slightly more concentrated.
Got violently sick from my last batch of 2.0 and don't know if I can ever drink it again. While I was fully refunded, I do not think they escalated the situation appropriately. On paper I like their mission, but they should go above and beyond to figure out what is causing people to get so sick and keep customers informed.
@goeric So sorry that you went through this. A refund isn't "making it right" in this situation. Having your sole product cause customers to become violently ill is the stuff of founder nightmares. (Having a detailed, board-approved emergency plan is the best way to manage situations like this. That plan can handle immediate cures up through re-engagement.)
@goeric I haven't gotten sick from the bars or 2.0 myself, but... just curious, what do you think would make it right in this situation?
@kicksopenminds I think it's a terribly difficult situation to deal with. On one hand, they can't shut down operations because of one issue (though you can find others discussing the same experience), on the other, they can provide escalated customer service to people who went through such a terrible experience (they didn't). I think acknowledging there may be a real problem with the product (from somebody more senior than a support person), reassuring me they were going to get to the bottom of it, and keep me updated every step of the way would go a long way (not what happened). At this point, my assumption is, even if a problem was found, they would never acknowledge it to me because that would be admitting fault and risking that going public. But I offered to send the bottle back for testing (or another bottle from my same case) and they refused it, saying that knowing the batch number was enough (I can't imagine testing trace elements from my offending bottle or another bottle wouldn't be better, maybe I am wrong). If they did actually test it, find an issue, and let me know that it will never happen again, I would go back to consuming the product.