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Wait, I have to CHEW my food now?
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Awesome release from Soylent. I'm disappointed that they included corn syrup as the 2nd largest ingredient though. The rest of the ingredients aren't that great either, with canola oil & maltodextrin in the top #10, and sucralose, Isomaltooligosaccharide syrup, Modified Food Starch and Isomaltulose (an artificial sweetener) all featuring as well. The key ingredient in here for the future though is Whole Algal Flour; which we can presume is derived from the algae featuring in soylent's drinks, and represent the future of the company (imho), where they can grow algae to replace a lot of our nutritional needs. Given the ingredients, this isn't something that I'd eat right now, but I know this will be hugely convenient for a large number of people and the smaller form factor vs the drink means that it's just getting more and more convenient.
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@_jacksmith awesome info as always. Thanks Jack :)
@_jacksmith thanks for spotting that—corn syrup is definitely not something I'm buying into. Commented, as I sit here drinking my Coffiest.
They just launched their coffee + soylent product, Coffiest last week. What's next, @johncoogan? 🤔
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@rrhoover @johncoogan SoyPositories?
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@rrhoove The pace will only quicken, by next year, we will be launching thousands of new products hourly.
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@rrhoover soylent while you sleep.
@johncoogan @rrhoove Soylent Green™ for halloween?!
Top notch marketing visuals. 👌
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The cost of food is really interesting. I'm surprised the economics of scale don't work out better here. Or maybe they have a great margin? I eat incredibly healthy and pay about $10 a day for 3 meals a day. My diet consists of free range eggs (breakfast), organic vegetables from Costco and Hearst Ranch ground beef (free range / 100% grass fed) from Whole Foods or Teton Waters Ranch Sausage (also 100% grass fed) from Costco. I typically make paleo spaghetti, curries or roasted vegetables with sausage. With Soylent I would be spending $2 x 8 = $16 a day.
@chris_smeder $2 for a protein bar is pretty much in the cheap-affordable range from what I've seen.
@chris_smeder Agree 100%. I eat similar to you also. Disappointed in the main ingredients of their products, very highly processed. I'm better off making/drinking smoothies as meal replacement.
@chris_smeder someone who takes time out of their busy schedule to purchase ingredients and make delicious, home-cooked meals for a cheaper price? Chris, you truly are a unicorn in the tech world.
@nickhumphries @chris_smeder Clif bars aren't a good fit for me. About 40g net carbs. main ingredient is brown rice syrup and the #4 ingredient is cane juice - so it's mostly sugar/carbs. Cliff bars are more of an energy bar than a protein bar imho; hence their branding: "CLIF Bar Energy Bars - Nutrition for sustained energy".