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Find the soylent alternative based on your needs!

Discover the best soylent alternatives based on the protein ratio, shipping, pricing per month and other metrics.

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Long time Soylent drinker. You are missing the mark with this tool. My purchasing decision is not focussed on health benefits, but rather the fact that it is pre-bottled and the price. This tool would ONLY be useful if there was an option to sort by pre-bottled and price per serving.
@andyseavers Did you see the "sort by" and "narrow by" system? I agree I didn't put the filter "pre-bottled" currently but you can already sort by a lot of things. For example I'm living in Canada and I'm looking for the best protein ratio per meal and the cheapest in bulk: I believe the images I put on this hunt are misleading?
@jeremie_ges Yes I did. You have plenty of good sorting options. My job to be accomplished is convenience and price based. You have the cost data, although I don't know if price per month does it for me (but I see I can expand fo rmore data). Soylent was created because a software developer was tired of eating. Convenience/time saving was the main problem being solved. It's kind of like if I wanted a certain yogurt brand substitute, and the only options were recipes for yogurt substitutes.
@andyseavers I'm sorry but I just don't get your point ... :( The pain point I try to solve here is the following: Soylent doesn't ship outside of US but many alternatives exist who can ship to Canada, Europe, etc ... It can be overwhelming to find the right alternative for you, that's why I created this spreadsheet on "steroids". So far my question for you would be: "How can I tweak the project for the next iteration to solve your "requirements" ?"
@jeremie_ges And for that painpoint you are right on! Simply adding the filter for bottles will go a long way. Best of luck!
Man, so many of them. I tried two sorts so far, Mana and Huel. You know what would be cool, If you could make deal with each of them and ship samples. For example, I filter ten different brands, and then I buy a sample of each, for let's say, one-day dosage. It would be a quite neat business for you, you can order high quantity and charge decent margins for those who just want to test.