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Hey, Soylent. Nice to see you here today. We made a Glitter card for you: https://glitter.club/d2k9evkY/ Send a note to hi@glitter.club if you’d like to take over this card and account. Hope you like it. xoxo
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@meowgorithm well played 😂
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@meowgorithm Nice .club domain :)
I still haven't tried Soylent but I'm certainly not the target customer. I love food and there are many healthy things I love that require little prep, too (like greek yogurt). That said, Soylent has an almost cult-like following and although niche today, I can see the potential. Here's the nutritional TL;DR: Soylent's shipping 2.0 this October.
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@rrhoover agreed - definitely not a target customer (I did order 1 shipment though), great product with a cult-like following for sure, but I just love eating food and visiting cool restaurants too much
I am slowly finishing up my Soylent 1.5 order and this 2.0 release sounds like an amazing improvement. I don't always have the time to prepare Soylent in the morning and sometimes a quick run at the corner sandwich shop is less hassle than drinking Soylent. Not anymore apparently. I am really happy that this is another vegan release, because I would have to stop buying if they ever went back to non-vegan ingredients.
Would be curious if they had sample 2.0 tastings. Its an interesting concept, but if you're going to replace all your food with one drink, it should taste good! I've heard mixed things about the first versions taste.
It's been almost a year since we heard about this and shame to see that they still don't deliver to most of Europe & Turkey.
@kenrossi @acelik Looks like they are delivering every single country in the world but Turkey.
@acelik Huel is based in the UK and delivers to Europe.
@julianhearn @acelik Yeah but not Turkey :(