Soy Emprendedor

Entrepreneurial news for the Spanish-speaking market

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Hi everyone, Soy Emprendedor is a media publication that covers entrepreneurship in the Spanish-speaking world. It is one of the fastest-growing Spanish-speaking publications, with over 50,000 Instagram followers, approximately 100K Facebook fans, and one of the highest social engagements and growth rates we've seen: Soy Emprendedor would like to profile 5 startups that have interest in a Spanish-speaking audience. If your startup would like to be considered for a profile, please write
Excelente idea para dar a conocer todo el espíritu emprendedor de esta parte de la región.
Excelente, necesitábamos un sitio de estos en Español para promover el espíritu emprendedor de las personas
This is cool. I live in Colombia and there are very few Spanish language publications that focus on Entrepreneurialism. The only one that comes to mind is Entrepreneur Magazine's Spanish version but it is great that homegrown Colombian talent are adding more competition to the space. There are certainly many great entrepreneurs that deserve to be highlighted around Latin America.
@publicizejim Totally agree Jim. Estoy muy feliz para ver una publicacion nueva.
Como editor de StartUp Beat (en ingles) me gusta mucho ver esta publicacion hacer cosas nuevas con startups en español