Sovereign Socks

Luxury socks made in Great Britain

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Ben Tossell
Ben TossellHunter@bentossell · No-coder 👉
A friend I went to uni with and have known for the last 8 years has been doing some pretty interesting stuff over the years... He co-founded Containers Hostels which is a very unique way to experience staying in Edinburgh, Scotland. In shipping containers! Sovereign socks is another one of his projects and recently launched . I love socks and especially wacky ones, bright colours etc - so I dig these. I do want more patterns though :) I'll let @nick_cakebread take it from here
Nick Cakebread
Nick CakebreadMaker@nick_cakebread · Entrepreneur, Sovereign Socks
@bentossell thanks for the post Ben! Yeah its a long time since uni and this is the latest of a couple of interesting projects. This is an idea me and my business partner @Brynpowell stumbled across after our first summer doing Containers Hostel. It took 18 months to perfect the socks' design getting the elastic and label to sit just right and fit perfectly but now we're ready to share. Having recently launched we're very excited for the future and currently looking at a subscription model on a weekly or monthly basis.
Dun@huangdun · Product Designer
The package looks like underwear.
Bryn Powell
Bryn PowellMaker@brynpowell · Managing Director of Sovereign Attire Lt
@huangdun Hi Andrés, that's the idea! :) The socks are made with boxer short elastic! They are exquisitely sized to fit the ankle. No digging in or sock marks and no falling down! We have matching underwear coming soon! Then we aim to be a mens' lingerie brand!