Next time you book a Southwest flight just fill out this form after you book your ticket and forget about it. Instead of stressing about check-in alarms on your phone, simply receive a text message reminder 5-10 minutes before you need to check-in!

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Hey guys! I always end up with a C Boarding Group for Southwest and wanted to create something to remind myself when to check-in. I hope it helps you too! Simply fill out our online form (takes about a minute), and get a text message 10 minutes before you need to checkin to your Southwest flight. Your confirmation code will be in that text along with a link to checkin, so no need to look up anything else! Would love to hear feedback from any other Southwest fans!
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@pmm621 is this service strictly free?
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@chrismessina of course! We are very strict about the freeness of this service :).
Ha! Nice! Is there a business model or other reason you built this besides the convenience? Isn't it weird that Southwest doesn't do this themselves?
@chrismessina Good question! As an entrepreneur, I'm personally trying to take action on solving problems I have (that are easy enough to solve) and sharing them for free. With so many awesome tools out there, why not?! (For this I used Typeform + Zapier integration's w/ Twilio and Google Calendar). Since our company is in the travel industry and specifically works with airports, this was a no brainer to have offered from our company for free. VERY WEIRD that they don't offer this themselves? I guess the hardcore Southwest flyers (like my parents) are happy with their own reminders? It definitely stresses me out, lol.
@pmm621 cool, makes sense! Thanks for that explanation. :)
@chrismessina I think this has something to do with why SW isn't doing this themselves..
Be even better if you could have this login to your SW account and check-in for you at the magic 24 hour mark 😉 But I suppose there are FAA regs on third-parties doing such.
@briansjagger very good point! We were thinking of automating this as well, but yes, just as you mentioned-- the FAA probably won't like that :).