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Big thanks to @mulligan for hunting us! We’re excited to be here. We've indexed information about millions of engineers and give you the tools to browse and filter the data to find the perfect hire. As a few of you may know, was originally created by @maccaw. Alex has since gone on to build Clearbit ( We caught wind that Alex might be looking to sell this summer. We had a short negotiation ​and ended up acquiring the product two months ago. We've since been busy updating the dataset and making UI improvements. Today, we’re happy to launch 2.0. And, we’re thrilled to offer the Product Hunt community an exclusive 20% discount at signup! For context, we’re the creators of ( For those unfamiliar, we make it fast and painless for top engineers, designers, product managers, data scientists, and business hires to get in front of founders and hiring managers at top tech companies. We launched on Product Hunt back when it was just getting going. We’re happy to answer questions about,, our acquisition process, or how we see hiring today. Again, excited to be here and looking forward to your questions.
@mulligan what prompted you to hunt this, and have you hired anyone through I know this is a huge pain point for many startups asking the question, "Who the heck should we to hire to build a beautiful site/app!?" @brett_langdon @earlofmuir and @josh_goldstein how do you find great engineers to put on your site for people to hire? Are they volunteering their time/info a la LinkedIn and creating profiles?
@katesegrin Thanks for the questions. No question hiring is a major pain point for many, if not most organizations. ingests publicly accessible data on candidates from places like GitHub and Twitter and offers a UI for organizations to browse and filter. It's not a two-sided marketplace (that's our other product, =)
@katesegrin Kate - I'm a longtime user and lover of one of Josh's other hiring projects (Underdog) and got to play with the sourcing beta. It's awesome.
@katesegrin chiming in to say that my team has hired multiple [awesome] folks through [the team behind 2.0]. hiring is indeed a huge pain point - and an extremely time consuming activity for startups - so the launch of 2.0 is exciting in that it [from an initial spin just now] makes the process of combing through great engineers to find the best match a quick task. just as there is a growth in tools for recruiting, there's also growth in where professionals can create a digital presence. as a recruiter, i 'sigh' at the idea of spending hours on each individual platform [github, linkedin, dribbble, etc], so aggregating and organizing those sources into a single platform is a big win. there are a few like-products available to recruiters, so the next question is how well do prospects from convert into active candidates and then successful hires.
This is awesome. Congrats. I assume you are getting data from public sources but how are you getting their contact or do you ask employers to contact them on LinkedIn? Also what's a typical client for you - is it a recruiter OR a hiring manager?
Thanks @kar2905. We obtain contact info from third party API’s. We rarely suggest companies use LinkedIn when reaching out to engineers. The typical customer is usually a founder, a hiring manager, and/or an ​internal recruiter.
@josh_goldstein @kar2905 got it. Curious which third party APIs are you using?