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Sourcegraph is awesome. It's become my code companion. Also, it's super awesome for learning languages.
Charles here—co-creator and community manager at Sourcegraph. Thanks for the upvotes and let us know what you think of the site!
I've used this and can attest that it's great for finding code documentation and especially, examples. Excited to see where they go from here, it's a much needed tool in an interesting space!
Just looking briefly over the homepage, I'm a little confused. Is this an IDE, or a plugin for an IDE/editor? Or is it a separate, standalone thing? Do I have to upload/host my code somewhere else to use it? Am I supposed to use it on my own code? Or on someone else's, like an open-source project? How is “search code” or “browse & jump around code” a benefit? I can already do that in my IDE/editor. Also you say “find real usage examples”—I don't know what that means. Just giving candid feedback, hope that helps!
@jasoncrawford Great question and appreciate the feedback. The look and feel on the browser page is certainly inspired by an IDE-like interface, but the site lives in your browser, like you suggested. We currently index open source projects written in Go, Python, Ruby, and JavaScript, but have plans for more language support in the future. I'd love to hear more about your workflow, but we use Sourcegraph to browse files for documentation and definitions to better understand repositories that we're less familiar with. We look at usage examples to understand how other programmers handled a similar challenge and to pick and choose the best example for our own context. Hope that helps explain things a little better, and thanks for checking out the site! For a deeper explanation of Sourcegraph, feel free to check out this video ( or today's blog post ( Just registered for the Fieldbook beta, looking forward to seeing it! Hope to see your team on PH soon.