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Eric Willis — Working on something new
Sourced delivers the top tech news twice daily for the American and European markets. The idea is to provide a recap of the most important news for tech/startups so founders and investors can stay up to date on the important events and topics being discussed on both sides of the Atlantic. The curation is done by @neilswmurray and myself. Neil approached me on Maker Hunt and we decided to work on this together.
Violeta Nedkova — Marketing Coach Extraordinaire
Neil S W Murray — European tech journalist.
As @erictwillis says, the aim is to provide an easy and quality curation of the latest tech news delivered straight to your inbox, so you can wake up to the big tech startup stories from the other side – and close the day with a recap on headline events at home.

When I came up with the idea for this, @erictwillis was the only person I thought of to get involved due to his quality curation on @producthunt, @inside and @makerhunt, and it was some great serendipity when Eric invited me to @makerhunt and after throwing some quick thoughts around we quickly decided to roll this out.

It's a pretty stripped back MVP currently, we would love to get the Product Hunt community's feedback on what they would like to see us include.
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