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SourceLair lets people develop software in their browsers.

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I would love to know the aspects where it's better than Cloud9 or Codeanywhere since I'm a hardcore cloud IDE user
@noxowe hey, thanks for asking. At SourceLair we don't give plain VMs with an editor. In spite, we try to integrate in the best way possible with each framework we're supporting, giving for example Django, or even better Heroku Node.js optimized containers where you can develop your applications while having dev/prod parity and the like. Also, we have command palette commands tailored to each project type, giving you quick access to database migration, requirements installation and the like. We're also quite focused on speed and usability of the interface, but that's something for you to uncover and judge :)
@akalipetis @noxowe Yes, I understand but others (like Codeanywhere) try to integrate too. Not Cloud9, let's forget about them for now because they try to achieve the most comfortable collaborative in-VM dev experience. Codeanywhere supports deployments to Heroku, VMs and FTP / SSH deployments too side-by-side with Git and SubVersion. They also have VMs optimized for languages and frameworks + Cloud9 has killer VMs for many things. Are you trying to combine the two platforms?
@noxowe We focus more on the stack provisioning part of the game, while CodeAnywhere - at least to my knowledge - focuses more on providing an easily accessible editor to multiple platforms. Yes, they do provide deployment targets as we also do, but we for example - to go on on the "stack" thing - we also provide data stores which we provision and set up for you for example. You can't say we're something completely different - we're not a new product either - but we try to keep things simple and fast.
@akalipetis @noxowe you made me consider your product :) the problem is that I am a subscriber of both of the other 2 for years. Do you have a plan where I can try the full service for n days so I can have a better understanding of the service than the pretty much limited free version? Maybe I will even subscribe
@noxowe that's great :) You can have the complete service for free for up to one project, so the answer is yes. If you need anything, feel free to contact our support, we try to get back to you as soon as possible.
I am not a developer so I won't speak for the product itself but rather for the team behind it. In the past I have worked with some of the guys that are now building SourceLair and I can vow for their skills and competences and their ability to deliver. I am sure they are on to making great things.
Well it looks quite promising. It supports ruby frameworks? Congratulations for your work. Greetings from Greece! I wish best of luck!
@therubydoggy we currently do not support Ruby frameworks. We still have Ruby installed, but you'll lose our web related features.