Source iOS

The best git client and code editor for iOS.

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Hey guys, I'm the developer of this app. This is my first app on the App Store, and it is over a year in the making! I'm happy to answer any questions you have, or add any feature requests to my long list of upcoming features for Source. I'm very excited about productivity on iOS, and think that a great code editor is needed for any platform if I'm going to be productive on it.
@ian_mcdowell This is very well done πŸ‘ iOS was missing a good hit client/editor.
@ian_mcdowell Is it good for working on ipad? I want to get a ipad to work with code and stuffs on the go :)
I've been using Source for two weeks now, I've got to say I love the UX and the fact that I can just push on the fly. One feature request : I would love to be able to search for repositories ;) Nevertheless awesome job @ian_mcdowell :)
Looks useful. Saved for paying with it for the next weekend.
Looks nice! Congratulations on the launch. How does this differ from Git2Go or Working Copy?
Ah beautiful UI! I have been looking for something like this recently and just found it. Great work @ian_mcdowell!!