Create a mug of your favorite (Soundcloud) song's soundwave

If only I knew about this a week and half ago so I could get it by Christmas :(
This is awesome! Definitely getting one of these, but now I have to carefully choose which waveform I want to use!
@grahamhancock if you want to get creative (and sentimental), you could load an audio clip of an early Revision3 show or a baby's first words (if you had a recording).
This is similar to SoundViz, a service that translates sounds into a beautiful print for your wall. This would make a nice gift for the music lovers and DJ's. Although the soundwave may not look that unique, the "story" and opportunity to spark conversation is meaningful. I created this one using my buddy @staringispolite's latest mix on Soundcloud:
@rrhoover D'awww Merry e-Christmas buddy. That's pretty cool. I wonder if you could use heat-sensitive dye to make the waveform "play", for instance, as a mug of coffee/tea cools down
@staringispolite @rrhoover what about scan the wave and play it. Offline downloading of content and delivering message in a whole new different way. :)
Hi - this was a weekend project from some of our developers here at Dizzyjam, using our API. We thought it would be cool to build something that utilised our on-demand merch platform. SoundCloud liked it so much they even asked us to send 100 of them to their favourite 100 users. There's a bunch of pics of mugs in the wild on our Twitter profile -