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Hey everybody! I'm Zach, the 15 year old creator of Soundtrack! Thanks to @jsneedles for hunting Soundtrack! This app started off as an experiment for myself as I was very unhappy with the discovery process in Spotify. The Discover Weekly was a good start in personalized discovery and recommendations but I felt like the suggestions had to be more specific. So, I made Soundtrack where you get suggestions of songs and artists based on specific songs. You can browse through your library of music, pick a playlist, pick a song, play that song, and then get song suggestions and artist suggestions based on that song. Then you can add any of the suggested songs that you have previewed to your library via saving it or adding it to a playlist. Any feedback is appreciated!
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@zach_cmiel @jsneedles Where do you get the data for your recommendations?
@joshdance It uses the same technology as Spotify's Discover Weekly, so it's through their API. But I just changed it up to do it for specific songs.
@zach_cmiel Loving the app so far as I love to discover music, but typically find it super hard to do. Would be awesome to be able to filter related results based on what my friends related songs are as well. cc/ @jsneedles
@francovarriano thanks for the feedback! Glad you like it! So do you mean filtering based on whether or not your friend listens to that particular song?
@zach_cmiel yeah - would be interesting to have the API driven search, and then some kind of bubble/banner showing which Spotify (/facebook) friends had recently listened to one song over another. This would add a layer of trust and familiarity to the discovery
This is a pretty neat little app - It's dead simple. Pick a song from spotify... get individualized recommendations. I was playing with it last night and discovered some interesting recommendations I probably wouldn't have found anywhere else! ❤️🎶
Will it be available for Android? I would like to try it, big music fan!
@littlepandaatje I'm a one person team and it's not in the upcoming updates right now. Sorry!
@zach_cmiel No problem! Anyways, I like the idea. Succes :)
@littlepandaatje thank you for the support!
What's the difference between this and picking Spotify Radio for a specific song that I like?
like the concept, but I find the app confusing to use. Do I have to select one specific song? I can't seem to get recommendations based on a whole playlist.
@_jacksmith thanks for the feedback! The app is designed to give you recommendations based on a specific song not a playlist. I'm sorry that this was confusing. Do you think that the app should have a tutorial at the beginning?
@zach_cmiel yeah maybe. a lot of the songs that I tried to play also took ages to load (whereas just playing from spotify they load instantly)
@_jacksmith thank you for the feedback. That was actually gonna be in the next update coming out this week. Faster load times