A game which doesn't require eyes

Tired of using your eyes for everything?
SoundSwipe is a game which uses your sense of hearing instead of your vision to play.
Swipe away virtual objects which are flying towards you. However, you cannot see the object but only hear it.
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Video trailer would be nice
@vladkorobov Was hoping to create one but ran out of time as this was a vacation project and my vacations are ending tomorrow. Will definitely post a trailer once I get time :D
Hello PH, I am a 16 year old self-taught developer and am launching here for the first time. Today, almost all tasks rely heavily on your eyes, from buying groceries to playing video games. I wanted to change that, well, at least the video game part. I had the idea for SoundSwipe while playing around with 8D Audio on YouTube. I decided to re-imagine the concept into a game and here we are. SoundSwipe is a game which simulates an object moving towards you. Too simple? Well, you cannot see the object but only hear it. Figure out the direction which the object is coming from and swipe to deflect it. To take it further, the entire interface is based on swipe gestures and speech dictation so you do not even need to use your eyes to play. SoundSwipe started off as just an experiment, but now I see it as a unique and fun project to work on. Be sure to let me know how I can improvise on this and if there is anything more I can add. Keep Swiping! :D