Unlimited music for video

Soundstripe is an amazing resource for filmmakers who need quality music without breaking the bank.

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Brandon R.
Technical Director
I have used Soundstripe for a while now and it has been a great resource for me. I produce content every week and having great quality music to add to the content is fantastic! It's also very affordable which is great! Having actually interacted with the team, their passion is where their heart is and I just love teams like that. And they are also disrupting the royalty free music market so that's cool as well ;P
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Trevor HinesleyCo-Founder & CTO,
Hey ProductHunters! My name is Trevor Hinesley and I'm CTO and co-founder of Soundstripe. Me and my business partners are music industry veterans, and we saw a major need for affordable, high quality production music. We knew we could find a way to keep cost down while also creating stable incomes for our music makers. We opened the doors February 2016, and we're constantly improving our product and our library. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!
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Mike KnappCo-Founder, Shoes of Prey
@trevorhinesley could you use the music for a website as background tracks? (Unclear from reading your website)
Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
Forwarding this to my brother who creates mini music videos, usually for fun. I know how challenging it's been for him to find good music he can legally use.
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Travis Terrell
@rrhoover Awesome Ryan! Great music has been historically really hard to find/way too expensive online. Hope your brother loves it! And thanks for creating this amazing platform for new products. Game changer! :-)
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Andrew MinerDirector of Biz Dev @
Love what Soundstripe is doing. Legit resource for getting pro quality music with the least amount of friction.
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Riley Walz
High schooler who ships 💯
Soundstripe looks awesome and the music is great. I like how easy it is to find a song with the right mood quickly. But what if I just want to license one song without signing up for a monthly membership? You should include an option to buy a license with a one-time fee. Anyways, great site!
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Callen HedglenFounder @LabelTap
@w +1 - was just about to comment this!
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Travis Terrell
@w Hey Riley! Thanks for the comment. It's something we have considered! Although, you can cancel your membership at anytime if you only needed a track or two, I could see how that would be annoying if you only needed one track. We are definitely built for the content creators that are constantly needing music!
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