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Hi Hunters, I am one of the founders and developers behind the app SoundSnip. It allows you to capture the last minute of what you just played, literally whenever you want to. Whenever you performed something remarkable, you simply tap your phone or smartwatch once, and the last minute of audio gets saved. We found it frustrating that there is no good way to capture great spontaneous pieces of your playing in a guitar session. It’s really hard to reproduce moments of creativity and passion. There should be a way to capture them at any time. Using a classic audio recorder in your session however lets you end up with hours of recording. No one wants to go through that again. We aim to solve this problem with SoundSnip. It can listen up to an entire day in the background without ever saving any audio. But only when you tap your phone or watch once: the last thing you just played gets saved permanently. Cannot wait to hear how you think about it! Cheers, Malte