De-clutter your SoundCloud stream. Get rid of those reposts.

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Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell · Services for startups
Reposts really bother me on SoundCloud... but then I think maybe I should just not follow that person?!
Rohan Barman
Rohan Barman@rohan_barman
@bentossell The argument for reposts is that the artist you have followed may have collaborated with another artist and is reposting their collab. Also if you enjoy an artist's style of music, they most likely will repost songs that have similar style.
Mark Spivey
Mark SpiveyHunter@ausonio · Owner, SoundFunnel
@bentossell SoundCloud should have filterable feeds but in the meantime this is a good alternative. Once you start following over 500 artists, the feed becomes a total mess.
Eric Almeida
Eric AlmeidaMaker@3rc
@rohan_barman @bentossell Also as important, an artist that is reposting a song of their own from a label or blog's account. The next update will make those tracks not be removed from the feed. Hopefully I'll have time to do it soon.
Melissa Monte
Melissa Monte@melissamonteee · Director of Media & Startup Growth
This is great. A lot of the people I follow on SoundCloud support each other, so when one has a good song, 20 repost. It almost has me moving back to Spotify. Trying this out. Thanks!
J.M. Saponaro
J.M. Saponaro@jmsaponaro · Engineer @Datadog
Very nice! That's a big issue on SoundCloud. But what about discovery? Reposts from artists you're following are a good way to discover similar artists. The best would be to remove reposts of songs you already listened to, or you already follow the creator.
Eric Almeida
Eric AlmeidaMaker@3rc
@jmsaponaro it only removes the reposts when you enable it, so it doesn't get in the way of discovery.