Personalized waveform t-shirts for music lovers

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This is the third soundwave-as-art product hunted. SoundViz is for creating beautiful soundwave prints and SoundwaveMug is manufactures (you guessed it) mugs of your desired Soundcloud-hosted sound. It would be nice if SoundShirt allowed you to use a point to externally hosted sounds/songs (e.g. Soundcloud, YouTube, Spotify) rather than having to upload them manually.
@rrhoover +1 on linking to external sources. Would also make it easy for artists to add "buy as t-shirt" links to their works, perhaps with a revenue share. Anyone know if there's a copyright on waveforms like this? What would happen if I'd start selling t-shirts with a waveform of a pop-song?
@rrhoover @marckohlbrugge Looks like, as of a couple of years ago, there wasn't a definitive answer to the copyright question:
@rrhoover @marckohlbrugge you might very well get smacked with legal litigation. whether the laws have caught up the tech or not, copyright lawyers are not going to sit around to find out. when it comes to media (music and movies in particular in my experience), if you're not on the front-end of the legal questions (with a fairly solid defense ready), you end up opening up yourself to a lot of possible legal problems. of course things could change, but as we've all seen with Napster, the powers that be within the established music industry aren't exactly the biggest fans of new technology combined with the music they control.
@rrhoover the ability to use hosted sounds is definitely high up on the wishlist for features, I'd love to get that added if APIs permit! Also extra design options would be nice. During my own research into the copyright aspect, I found the consensus was similar to the last answer in the link @bscofield shared: "...the waveform is not, to my mind, a “derivative work” based on the sound recording because the waveform does not incorporate any portion of the sound recording in any concrete, identifiable way." The waveform itself is generated from an average amplitude of samples taken from the audio. We leave it up to the user to upload their own sound - it could be anything from a song or a voice recording (which makes a great sentimental gift) - and don't identify the sounds in any way.
Hey, @marckohlbrugge - thanks for posting! This is a side project of mine - I’m a sucker for minimal and large t-shirt prints, and I’ve always been inspired by music… so thought this would be a cool way to combine the two in a unique product. Feel free to ask any questions.
Cool idea and interface works great too:
@marckohlbrugge That's pretty cool indeed! I'd like to see who's behind it (why don't startups get that this is really important?).
@clogish Mike Harmer (@mikeharmer) is behind it. Would be cool if @rrhoover or team could give him comment access :)
Sound/Audio rocks (but we at @adorilabs are biased!) Cool idea founders...agree with @rrhoover that you should connect to streaming APIs...for most folks UX flow maybe easier and hence may get more ...wait for it.... Users! ;)