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Hey everyone, I just made this music app with some friends check it out! Concept : stop browsing music by artists, song title or album, just tell us how do you feel by playing with our bubbles ;) You can download SoundR for free on the App Store and for Android lovers on the Play Store! Music streaming is unlimited with no ads. What do you think? PLZ do not hesitate to give me lots of feedback (positive or negative) I really need it to continue to improve the app :) Thanks a lot!! Thomas
The app is pretty chill, but scrolling through the bubble format is at times very unresponsive. Otherwise, great and beautifully designed app.
@tristanisham Thank you so much for your feedback :) Be sure that I will take into consideration your navigation problem for the next update. Plz what's your mobile device?
@zeilast iPhone 7 running 10.2.1. It's not so much the interface, as it is the fact that the reaction speed tends to make gold/blue options hard to select and choices to cycle. Sensitivity should be boosted?
@tristanisham Yep! then we will make some test with our current parameters. I'll keep you in touch when it's done ; thanks again!! :)