Enjoy SoundCloud from your Mac's menu bar

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Is this better than the Soundcleod app? If so, GOLD :)
@bramk Both are pretty good - the SoundCloud app has a really nice UI, but I prefer an integrated feel into the OSX menubar and the lack of distractions when running a playlist.
Finally! I hate looking in which tab is Soundcloud playing every time I need to pause music for just couple of seconds. Thanks, SoundMate is already installed and I've shared the app with my "Soundcloud positive friends".
Pfft. Sold. I'm pretty sure I've spent more money on Product Hunt listings this week than on Amazon. What a time to be alive.
Gonna try it out, but curious how well it works. SoundCloud is already super buggy.
I'd been using something called App for SoundCloud. Which was passable, but not great. This seems like a welcome step up. Another happy PH find.