Transfer your playlists across a range of music platforms!


Reony T
@megaroeny · Designer & EV Advocate
Going to be adding Google Music??
Gaurav Agrawal
@buddies2705 · Gaurav
Guys Awsm app , many tools and options ..
Gracjan Złotucha
@gracjanzlotucha · UX Designer at CD Projekt RED
Jesus, its looking totally the same as Discord
Magnano Thomas
@thomas_magnano · CEO at Soundiiz
Today we're introducing Platform to Platform : for users with a large playlists collection, it's an easy way to transfer all your playlists in one time between your streaming services ! Easy to use : Select your source platform and a destination, then let's Soundiiz doing the job ;) Available now for Premium users.
Joshua Dance
@joshdance · Engineer, Product Manager, athlete
I thought this was an app for band or musicians and their managers. It is a way to transfer playlists across streaming services no? Looks cool.