Transfer playlists and favorites between music platforms !

Stop wasting your time transferring playlists and favorites between streaming platforms. Let Soundiiz do the job. Now compatible with more than 30 music services !

Use the "Sync" feature to keep updated automatically your playlists everywhere !

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5 Reviews5.0/5

I don't really know what prevented me from getting a premium account. I found Soundiiz having a better level than other apps I tried, but I didn't really know what it could give me if I paid. Now I migrated to Spotify and I don't think that I need Soundiiz anymore, but it's still a great product!


Easy to use, nice UI, very fast and reliable, transfer playlist from Deezer to Spotify in minutes


Pretty UI but a little confusing on its UX (especially with duplicates and sources), not very clear when a function is free or premium

Guys Awsm app , many tools and options ..
@buddies2705 Thanks for your feedback. And you have not seen anything yet, more coming soon ;)
Going to be adding Google Music??
@megaroeny It's done now, enjoy ;)
Jesus, its looking totally the same as Discord
Today we're introducing Platform to Platform : for users with a large playlists collection, it's an easy way to transfer all your playlists in one time between your streaming services ! Easy to use : Select your source platform and a destination, then let's Soundiiz doing the job ;) Available now for Premium users.