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Ambrose Leung
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Alex Badalyan
Alex BadalyanHunter@alexbadalyan · Cofounder of Frost
Simple to use. It's usually my go-to for turning articles into audio.
James Wahba
James Wahba@jameswahba · CEO, @Projectivenyc
I've been a paid ($2/month) user of Soundgecko for the last year. It's completely changed how I consume articles and longform pieces. I've even setup a IFTTT to have saved Pocket articles sent to Soundgecko. Definitely worth installing if you are into spokenword + news
Tyson Quick
Tyson Quick@tysonquick · CEO Instapage
And they just announced they are shutting down today :( I've been a pro customer for two years myself @james
James Wahba
James Wahba@jameswahba · CEO, @Projectivenyc
@tysonquick Oh well, that was fun. :( For those that are interested in an alternative Article to Spoken word service, check out Voice Dream Reader It also integrates well with Pocket or Instapaper
Ambrose Leung
Ambrose Leung@efficienthacks · Solving 1st world problems
I've been trying to promote my service that does the same thing as soundgecko - It's new, the UI sucks, but the features work and you can play the tracks on Amazon Echo via title name