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Simple to use. It's usually my go-to for turning articles into audio.
I've been a paid ($2/month) user of Soundgecko for the last year. It's completely changed how I consume articles and longform pieces. I've even setup a IFTTT to have saved Pocket articles sent to Soundgecko. Definitely worth installing if you are into spokenword + news
And they just announced they are shutting down today :( I've been a pro customer for two years myself @james
@tysonquick Oh well, that was fun. :( For those that are interested in an alternative Article to Spoken word service, check out Voice Dream Reader It also integrates well with Pocket or Instapaper
I've been trying to promote my service that does the same thing as soundgecko - It's new, the UI sucks, but the features work and you can play the tracks on Amazon Echo via title name

doesn't work




it's decommissioned