SoundFlux Earbuds

Industry leading dual driver true wireless earbuds

Introducing KNZ® SoundFlux ™: With the unique dual driver audio system, these headphones define the new standard of quality with crisp highs and solid lows.

Besides the superior sound quality, with the exclusive SoundPass™ Mode "ON", you can enjoy your music while being aware of surrounding sounds.

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Hi Product Hunt!! I’m so excited to post our first product here. Thank you @_jacksmith for hunting us 😉 It all started because it’s very difficult to find a comfortable set of headphones that accurately provide a full range of sound with a clear, high-end sound quality. most headphones on the market are not truly wireless and the sound is going to be bass heavy while others are going to be really bright in the highs. Our team has finally created SoundFlux Headphones which provide an amazing sound quality: 1. Dual-drivers: one focuses on the bass, creating a solid foundation while the other focuses the treble, keeping the high end accurate and clear. 2. Stereo phone calls and a unique SoundPass™ Mode allows you to have conversations and engage with your environment without having to pause your music. 3. Full control of music and phone calls from the headphone. 4. Secure fit, equipped with a waterproof nanotech coating to protect from the weather and accidental damage. Thanks again, can't wait to hear your feedback
Sounds pretty interesting!! I'd be happy to try 😄
@ani_hakobyan Thank youu, we are already shipping, you can order yours on Indiegogo :)
@carolina_colombo thanks a lot! In this case , definitely will try!
@ani_hakobyan Glad to hear that, thanks for supporting us.

looking forward to receiving them


wide range of clean sound, plus stereo calling and comfort


haven't discovered any

I've read it's already shipping, has anyone got theirs? Any feedback?
@lana_petrosyan I've just got mine, i'm using them in the gym, very comfy 😉
Perfect. I do like its wireless function