Wireless earbuds stored & charged in your phone case 🎧

SosundFlow is superior-sounding wireless earbuds that can charge directly from your phone case. SoundFlow provides simplicity and stunning wireless sound.

βœ… High-Fidelity Graphene Audio

βœ… Ambient Noise Cancellation

βœ… 8 Hour Battery Life / Charge

βœ… Rain, Sweat and Dust Proof

βœ… Twist-to-Lock Secure Fit

βœ… Hands-Free Calling

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Holy wow! This would help me avoid my utter hatred for low battery warnings and lost earbuds I’m in. @ascape_audio, how did you guys come up with this product before the big guys? (cough.. Apple... cough)
Hey @dean_wallace! We came up with the idea orginally over 4 years ago actually. We were frustrated by walking to work and untangling our headphone cables. The first version was called TurtleCell and it was retractable earbuds in a case. We ended up licensing that tech because the market was demanding wireless with a battery. That's SoundFlow and we now have it ready to role today!
@dean_wallace @ascape_audio Excuse me how are the controls for the earbuds like to skip a song and pause the music how are all of them?