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It looks very clean. From the App Store description: Our iPhone app has been completely redesigned, so everything is new. Highlights include: - Beautifully simple design. Cleaner look. Simpler controls - ‘One thumb’ interface. Play, pause, skip and explore on the go - Open another user’s profile straight from a track or playlist - Your likes and playlists are now all in one place, making it easier to play more of your favorite tracks and artists
Yeah! I love it. They made it more simple and the player is just awesome. Soundcloud is back on my Homescreen ;) And Spotify is out, I definitely don't get into their current navigation.
The player looks great, but the UX of getting out of it isn't the easiest (small hide button). Would have left the tabs up. either way like the update!
@jmjerlecki yea the hide button felt pretty random
Soundcloud updated its iPhone app today. It's just awesome. You should try it now.
You should take a look at the music player. As a product designer with experience in music service, I must admit this player is something new that I've never seen before. Love it. The onboarding is well designed too. I appreciate the efforts