Music streaming where artists earn money through tips.

Soundbrew is a music streaming app where artists can upload their music and receive cash tips from listeners!
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Hey PH, I’m Dominic, founder of Soundbrew! Artists need around 235 streams to earn $1 on streaming platforms, so Soundbrew aims to help artists earn more from their streams through direct payments like tipping. Artists can also credit other featured artists, producers, etc. and choose their tip splits. Whenever someone likes/tips an artist, the tip amount will be divided among credited artists. If you follow your favorite artists and friends, you’ll see a playlist of their latest uploads, likes, and credits on the your Soundbrew page. Let me know what y’all think, open to any and all feedback 🙏🏽🙏🏽
Do not understand the business model. So you basically tip an artist and what do you get? I mean after the 30% apple provision there is nothing left for the artist and definitely nothing for you. And how many artists are currently on the platform?
@franky_holly The real problem with a platform like this is the selection. Research I've done shows people will use a 'tip jar' sort of feature, eagerly, but everyone uses Spotify or Apple Music (mostly, with a few others). The idea has merit, but it still needs fleshed out. I'm working on something with this in mind.
@franky_holly Hey Frank, Soundbrew collects 15% and we're using Stripe, not Apple to process payments, so Apple isn't getting a 30% take. On the app, you have a wallet that you load up to tip artists. Artists earn $1 for around every 235 streams they get on other platforms. Tipping gives artists the opportunity to potentially earn more from their music streams on Soundbrew.
@danielctuttle Hey Daniel, what do mean by selection?
@danielctuttle @d_innovator I think he means the selection of artists. You need huge musicians to earn some decent money or a giant amount of artists. And you have to bring users from Spotify, Youtube etc to your platform. Thats unbelievable hard.
@franky_holly It's definitely hard, but Doable. Our focus is solely on the artists because artists' influence will bring their paying fans to Soundbrew.