Soundbrenner Pulse

A vibrating, wearable metronome for musicians

Soundbrenner Pulse is the metronome of the 21st century - wearable, intelligent and powered by vibrations.

- Powerful Vibrations 7x stronger than a smartphone.

- BPM Tap: Tap to adjust the tempo

- Multilplayer Synchrinisation: Link upto 5 devices

- Customise rhytms & time signatures

- World Class Rhythm & Setlist Library

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3 Reviews5.0/5
Thanks for the hunt @nzieber! Every musician in the world needs to be able to play on the beat, from beginner to pro. Timing is SO important! 🕐 Anyone who has watched Whiplash knows what I’m talking about haha. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any innovation since years in the field. We started Soundbrenner because we wanted to change that. Our goal is to build the best tools in the world for rhythm practice and to highlight the importance of it. The Soundbrenner Pulse is a smart, wearable, and vibrating metronome which allows you to FEEL the rhythm instead of listening to the rhythm with an annoying click. Feeling the beat is better, because it allows you to hear your own music and stay in the moment. Here are some cool features about the Soundbrenner Pulse: - The vibration motor is 700% more powerful than that of an Apple Watch - You can wear the device on your wrist, arm, leg or around the chest for the ultimate experience - Intuitive interactions, such as tapping on the device to change the beat - Synchronise up to 5 devices with your band - By the way, the app also works standalone and is completely free for Android and iOS. Check it out here: iOS: & Android: If you would love to get your very own Soundbrenner Pulse, use “PH20” discount code for 20% off on your entire order 😃 Excited to show this to the community and see how many musicians and music fans we have here! What do you guys think?
@simmenfl Hi Florian, my oh my what a journey this has been for you and the team! From a prototype with duct tape to a fully fledged product you've made it! What part of the pulse are you most excited about and why?
@nzieber Hey Nick! Yes, it has definitely been an awesome journey! From a Startup Weekend in Berlin and flying all the way out and setting up in Hong Kong, it's been quite the roller coaster haha. When we started 2 years ago it was definitely the opportunity of building a device that helped musicians everywhere in their day to day lives. This is also just the start! With more features, updates, products in the pipeline, I am excited about how the Soundbrenner Pulse can kickstart an impending revolution in the music industry. :)
Hey guys, I’m Julian, the CTO of Soundbrenner and I am responsible for the engineering of our wearable and the app. I studied Music Technology at McGill University Montréal and my mission in life is to provide musicians with the tools they need to master their craft – it's all about enabling musical expression with useful technology and modern design. We are super psyched to be featured on Product Hunt today. If you have any questions about our products or the tech just let me know!
Great job applying the wearable to a niche market
Imagine 100 at a time... Earthquake 😱
@matonias Hahaha, well that gives us some ideas
This could be something really neat!
@tjapie Thanks Daniel. We try our best to make it as neat and awesome as possible 👍