The loudest battery-powered speaker on the market.

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Hey Product Hunt! It’s great to meet you all! I’m really excited to share with you our newest product - the SOUNDBOKS 2. It’s been quite the journey, filled with tons of ups and downs, but we’ve managed to reach a point where we’re extremely proud of what we accomplished. We hope you guys will share the same enjoyment learning more about our product as we did building it. Anyways… let’s get into our product. The SOUNDBOKS 2 is the world’s loudest battery-powered speaker. It peaks at 122dB without any distortion whatsoever. With our new psychoacoustics chip, you can expect booming bass and crisp highs at an unbelievable “block-party” ready volume. In addition to our improved sound quality and volume, we’ve also added to our battery life and durability. Our new batteries last 40 hours per charge on average and have a new LED battery life indicator. When it comes to durability, the SOUNDBOKS 2 comes in an all weather nano coated frame. Whether it’s pouring rain or scorching heat, you can confidently rely on the SOUNDBOKS 2 to keep the party going. You may be wondering, why in the world did you build the SOUNDBOKS? There are already a ton of portable speakers out there, why SOUNDBOKS? Well, those are some great questions and I’m glad you asked. Right now, when it comes to portable outdoor audio, you have 2 options. On one side you have the smaller personal speakers such as the Beats Pill or the UE Boom. And on the other side you have the full PA setup, which comes with a full power generator, 2 massive speaker towers, a mixer board, and a ton of cables. One option is way too weak and the other is just way too complicated. THIS is where the SOUNDBOKS comes in. You can not only expect the most user intuitive setup process that even a child could learn, but also the powerful volume of a full PA system. We hope to bridge the gap between convenience and utility to completely revolutionize the outdoor audio market. It’s a work in progress and we’re learning new things everyday - a ton of which comes from user feedback from individuals like yourself. With that said, if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out here or directly to me ( or my fellow maker Wouter ( Hope to speak with some of you soon! Kerry
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@soundboks @savvaszortikis Thanks so much for your support!
@soundboks @ogkchen I still remember how impressed I was when you did a quick demo outside YC in Mountain View! This new one it's even better, OMG!!! clap clap clap
@soundboks @tin_hang_liu That is so awesome that you remember! Hopefully you'll be able to experience this newer model soon and leave with an even better impression! :)
@soundboks @ogkchen You can use it in the rain? ☔️
This beats the tiny Jambox (pun intended). 😊 How long does the battery last, @ogkchen? @kellymcgrath, this could be perfect for the next beach party. 🎉
@ogkchen @rrhoover Awesome! Wonder if there's a demo floating around our group. I think it is 40hr battery life. What is this spec'd on? All settings on full and volume on full blast?
@ogkchen @rrhoover @kellymcgrath - Kelly is correct, 40h on average, which is around 110 dB. Max volume, at 122 dB, which is ridiculously loud, is around 6-8h depending on music ;)
@ogkchen @jespertt Thanks! What's the return policy like? It's a pretty high price point but extremely intriguing considering my and @rrhoover love of music and beach parties 😊
@jespertt @rrhoover @kellymcgrath we offer a 30day money back guarantee as long as the speaker was returned back to us in the condition we sent it out in! We'll be in a retail store in SF called b8ta by the end of the month. Definitely swing by there and get a personal taste of our speaker if you're around!
super! I want them!!!
@tmoulos It's been a lot of hard work to get to this point, so we're really glad we earned a fan!
Been throwing parties with the Soundboks since last year, and now we can't even imagine get togethers without the house shaking power of the soundboks! Can't wait to try the 2.0!!!
@patchandlermtl This thing is really very comfortable. My friends have this and if it were not this my anniversary would not have been so cool! I think I want buy it too. Just an unrealistically useful thing!
We got one for our office and trade shows at @designpickle and well, it's quite literally the most bad ass speaker ever!