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Thanks for hunting us Dave. Hey PH'rs, SoundBetter co-founder here, happy to answer questions. We love the Product Hunt community so decided to give you 3 original royalty-free music tracks to use in your explainer videos. Free download, PH exclusive. Click 'Get it' above. SoundBetter is a services marketplace where musicians find and hire music-production pros. In recent years millions of musicians have become recording musicians. Recording music has been democratized thanks to accessibility of recording equipment. Music distribution has also been democratized thanks to Apple Connect, Bandcamp, CDBaby, SoundCloud etc. SoundBetter fills the gap between those two, helping musicians get from raw recordings to great sounding release-ready finished tracks - something most musicians can't do themselves. It's a big pain for musicians. We're aiming to democratize the last mile of music creation. We woke up to discover we were hunted over a year ago when our marketplace was very fresh (and so was product hunt). Over the following months we methodically examined what's the best way to serve our users' needs. We reached some great realizations about 6 months ago, and have been fine-tuning that model since. Our users have been psyched about the changes. Among the changes - we now vet providers, musicians receive only a handful of proposals from select vetted pros making the choice easier and experience better, we expanded our offerings from primarily mixing & mastering to include full productions and singers (huge for EDM producers) and more.
@shachargilad congrats on the launch! and thank you for the giveaway :) Q: What do you founders in similar situations - when does one fine-tune the model and when does one stick with their guns?
@eriktorenberg @shachargilad Thanks Erik. Every case is different but I think there's a time for screw-turning optimizations and a time for gross motor movement changes. It's a factor of how happy your users are first and foremost. Does the model work for them and for you as a business? If the answer is not a resounding yes, then it might be time to experiment and see if you can make it better. In our case when we saw the previous model was ok but not great, we decided to take a few months to methodically test what makes users happier and what works better. We did it manually behind the scenes and when it clicked we saw it right away. Then we operationalized it. We still have much room to improve but the difference was dramatic. This would never have happened had we not been honest and experimented with big changes, rather than stuck to our guns and made small optimizations.
Music pros for music hoes -- seriously?
Love this. amazing team
@bebemuller Thank you Julien!
SoundBetter is 🔥. I use it for music, audio, anything I need to add a professional sound to.
Amazing website and amazing service ! Thanks so much for sharing !
@adigold1 Thank you Adi! I know you were hired a few times through SoundBetter, so glad to see you've had a good experience!