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Thanks @paprikaxu glad it's useful for you. It's a really common problem that you faced. The reason many indie artists have trouble getting play from online radio and other platforms is the quality of production more often than the quality of musicianship or performance. Thanks for the kind words about the traction, I actually got a few emails about that today from founders who saw this on here. Maybe I'll write a blog post. It was definitely a lot of work. Started with the supply side first and continued to the demand side. On the supply side (production pros) we started with live events featuring name producers, partnerships with audio schools, a strong personal industry network, laser focused fb ads, word of mouth and tradeshow hustle. On the demand side (musicians) it's been a lot of organic traffic as we built the site to be seo friendly, partnerships with companies that service indie musicians, word of mouth, fb ads, viral features baked into product and more. But I think what helped the most is that this spoke to a real pain on both sides. Freelancers who didn't have a good place to market their services and musicians who didn't have a good resource to find providers.
Hey all, Shachar here, SoundBetter founder. Thanks for the notice. I've found some awesome tools on Product Hunt so it's great to wake up and find SoundBetter submitted. @rrhoover We're currently focused on helping independent musicians who have recorded material get to a finished product. A huge market since nearly all musicians have a home recording studio these days and musicians need help with the post production. But I'm sure if you post a job on SoundBetter looking for someone to compose original music for the PH podcast you'll have some great producers jump on it. I'm happy to help with that if you'd like. @thomasknoll We were initially focused on building up supply and demand, so the first version of SoundBetter was a portfolio site for music production professionals. A bit like Behance or Yelp. Now that we have good traction we've transitioned into a marketplace model, more like Odesk or 99Designs. Allowing the musicians to actually hire pros through the platform, addressing trust issues with remote hires. Happy to answer any other questions. Feel free to reach out at shachar at soundbetter dot com
I like this. I was hunting for hours for royalty free/cheap music to use in the Product Hunt Radio podcast. Perhaps I should commission an official PH theme song through SoundBetter. :)
@soundbetterllc what was the first version like? Or the original idea? How did you get to this current version?