Distraction-free SoundCloud music player right on menu bar

- No more Spotify subscription
- No more heavy Youtube tab
- Distraction-free SoundCloud music player right on your menu bar.
- No SoundCloud authentication required
- Copy/paste a playlist url and play it.
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Khoa Nguyen
Hello PH, I used to listen to Youtube music on browser and Spotify. I feel like these 2 platforms distract me while I am working. 😂 Sometimes, I open them to switch song and I waste a few minutes to watch a recommend Youtube video or browse through the Global TOP 50 song on Spotify. So that's why I want to create a menu bar app to eliminate distractions. 💪 Why SoundCloud? Soundcloud says it has over 125 million songs on its platform With Soundcloud, I can: - Listen to mixes style songs and undiscovered charming artists - Listen to cover and remix music - Listen to lo-fi producers and up-and-coming rappers - Listen to focus calm music: Baroque, piano - Listen to podcast show But, most of SoundCloud Mac apps required login to listen. I just like to paste a playlist url and then listen. No need to create account. So I create the Soundbar app to fulfill my requirements first. If you feel like me, please give it a try. DISCOUNT: %20 off for ProductHunt members. CODE: 'producthunt' WARNING: This app doesn’t support authentication yet. You can not use the SoundCloud Go feature. That mean you can listen to a song that the uploading artist is offering this track to SoundCloud Go subscribers.