Sound Stripp

A simple tool to hang your headphones off of your monitor

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Not to me Mr. negative but it's an "L" bracket with some mounting tape. You can make 20 of these for the price they charge for one with about 10 minutes worth of work. Parts: Angle Bracket: Tape: Add your choice of spray paint.
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@ryandetzel I thought about this but I imagined that they had to go through rounds of stability testing.
Just ordered a black one. Pleasantly surprised by its affordable price and the mere 4 bucks I had to pay for shipping to The Netherlands.
Nice idea in general.
Every computer should come with this little piece, so useful! Pleasant surprise to see the price, a must-have for people who are always plugged to their headphones. Ordered a couple for me and my friend.
Been using mine for 5 years and it's fantastic. Cleanest solution out there. However, I just tried to order some more and they are now out of stock. I've tweeted at them to see if they will be producing any more. Stay tuned!