Enriching & ethical wellness travel experiences

Soulscape is a UK based startup that specialises in curating high-end travel experiences rooted in creative learning, cultural immersion and complete wellbeing to create life-changing, transformative wellness journeys for highly-stressed professionals.

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Is this like Thomson Travel for the millennial generation? @nabeenam
@abadesi Hi Abadesi! No more like a anti-tech productivity & wellness life hack where we use curated travel experiences as an incubator to reboot your system from the inside out. We don't work with travel agents. We hand curate each experience from the inside out. Choosing lesser-known destinations, eco-friendly accommodations and local suppliers to craft experiences designed to inspire, rejuvenate, immerse you several levels deeper into local culture and improve your wellbeing from the inside out. Everything from the food you eat, the activities and the yoga we include in the itinerary is designed to transform you.
@nabeenam Ooh! I love the sound of that. The digital detox element wasn't obvious to me when I checked the site, but could be my skim reading. From your description it could be the closest a travel company has come to zero waste + max local social impact... would you factor in off setting carbon footprint into the package at some point? (or maybe you have already...)
@abadesi Ah we only mention it in the FAQ section actually for the destination, but you're right - I'll look to add it to the main page as I think it's an important element of what we're doing. Off-setting carbon footprint is deffo part of our ethical policy. The eco-cabins we're working with in Ule in Ladakh for example use renewable energy (solar power) and the food we provide is all local, organic and vegetarian. As the company grows we will also look to partner with projects that support reforestation, renewable energy etc in each destination.
I’d probably take the word “high-end” out
@prittyamazing How about "rustic-luxury"? :)
@nabeenam hey Nabeens I still think that sounds too contrived just and opinion though. Im going to take a few hiurs for my morning but if uoud like I can send some verbiage that speaks to your websites message more. I tjink its a good idea. But I focus a lot of energy on decolonizing the mind and indian culture from the idea that upper middle class “spiritual awake ings” should be driven by colonial touring. The website doesnt read that way though. My only reason for messaging about careful wording is that you can focus on “having an consciousness shifting experience seeing how entrepreneurship works in communities that arent tech focused but instead in the traditions of music, art, spirItuality and community” or “use these folks so you can be better at your job the same way your ancestors used them for colonial la ir and theft.” But like the marketing way which if say is “high end, luxury spiritual escapes of spiritual awakening by traveling through india for a few days to enjoy the magical wonder of these people who find entrepreneurial endeavors in trades that you can come enjoy.” I was raised in the US but im a bit vocal with a lot if sjw issues 🤷🏾‍♂️ corporations still promoted me though. Cant remove talent even if it’s obnoxious. 😂
@prittyamazing Glad you didn't think we were into colonial touring! ha! ;) Our founder Manjul is an innovation lead for several social impact projects hence why Soulscape has strong a strong policy on ethical and eco tourism - that combined with her extensive knowledge of the Indian subcontinent make the heart of what Soulscape is able to offer, incredibly magical. I wish we could provide some kind of VR experience for people! :-D Would love to hear how you think the Soulscape experience could be translated. Can you drop me an email?