Soulection Radio Show - #232 (Europe Edition)

Fresh beats inspired by Soulection's recent tour in Europe

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I'll be playing this all day at Product Hunt HQ along with this week's new Spotify Discover Weekly. Love the @snoopdogg sample at mark 10:00. πŸ”₯
You beat me to it this week @rrhoover
It's a bit confusing on the app to know where this was hunted to -- is this the music/video beta (I get your updates @rrhoover even though I don't have access to the beta πŸ˜„ ) or is this podcasts? The music does sound awesome though! :)
@bryanpostelnek this is posted in podcasts, as noted by the "PODCAST" label on the top left and green theme but this could be more obvious. 😊
Anyone know how to add this to the Overcast app? Tried searching for it with no luck and wasn't sure the URL to use.