Soulection - #246: BJ The Chicago Kid

Beats 1 radio show featuring great 🎶 from Usher to Chance

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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverHunterPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Catching up on work and listening to this 2 hour mix right now. Love the Usher throwback at 27:20, @J0EKAY. 😀
Philipp Seybold
Philipp SeyboldHiring@philippsey · Co-Founder & CEO @ combyne
@rrhoover @j0ekay perfect sunday post :-)
Peter Boyce
Peter Boyce@badboyboyce · Rough Draft Ventures
@rrhoover @j0ekay nothing better in music than #Soulection
Kiren Srinivasan
Kiren Srinivasan@srinitude · Software Engineer at Holberton School
@rrhoover @j0ekay You peep the new album? 'Twas pretty solid
Francis Kim
Francis Kim@franciskim_co · Full Stack Human
Soulection supporter here from day 1!
Mark Longhurst
Mark Longhurst@markaudiowave · Inbound Manager
This is my Monday morning music every single week! Always stunning.
Qiana Patterson
Qiana Patterson@q_i_a_n_a · Co-Founder of C-Tech, BentoBoxSchools
I 💛 Soulection! Future Beats, Eclectic Soul, Forgotten Gems and Timeless Sounds.
Kwame Som-Pimpong
Kwame Som-Pimpong@kwamesompimpong · Consultant at Deloitte
#Soulection always delivers. Great interview with BJ. @JoeKay