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This is super cool and major for brands and content creators. We know a bit about what a pain licenses are to deal with so this can be a real game changer for brands that want quality music (not gently wailing 80s guitars) and for people who make their own YouTube videos and other content that needs music. What's the the typical use case for your users @salosterental?
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@sariazout Great question!! We've had a couple of different use cases on the platform, ranging from brands, digital ad agencies, to independent video producers. The needs vary depending on segment, which is one of the reasons we offer such a robust platform. One of the most interesting use-cases we've seen was by a digital agency named Nobox. They were doing a large targeted social media campaign for their clients, and had video content that needed music to give it a boost. Not only did they come on our site to discover affordable quality indie artist music, but they were able to match our demographic data breakdown to see which songs they used on the different geographically targeted videos in order to unlock the power of music to captivate target audiences. Through our simplified legal backend, they were able to use 5 different songs for videos across Panama, Brazil, USA and beyond. This campaign actually got Nobox nominated for a Webby! When it was all said and done, this agency came to discover great music, understand how it's best used to push their campaign forward with target audiences, and have a simple and time/cost effective way to get the required licenses!
Just came on my radar and think SoStereo is pretty interesting... Overview: Good music can make all the difference, but securing the rights to a song is often complex, inefficient, and expensive. So Stereo is the easiest way for brands to discover and license music for their video marketing projects. With technology at our backbone and great music at our core, we exist so that brands can unlock the marketing power of music by targeting their audiences with the right song. How it Works: Search: We’ve created a state of the art proprietary music algorithm that provides the most relevant results based on your search. Stream: Create project-based playlists to save, collaborate, and share your selection. Understand: We simplify your decision-making by showing you an artist’s social media reach so that you can get to know the audience you’ll target with a given song. Sync: Purchase the sync license in a few minutes with our integrated checkout.
Thanks for hunting us @beller , really appreciate it! Hi ProductHunters, Salo here Co-founder of SoStereo. SoStereo began with a question: If music is a universal language with great power to tell stories and captivate an audience, why do brands and content producers underutilize its potential? At SoStereo, we're committed to enabling brands and content creators to unlock the marketing power of music by giving them the tools to make discovering, understanding (data) and licensing a song easier than ever before. Music plays a crucial role in how we respond emotionally to what we see - through our proprietary language-based algorithm & demographic data breakdowns, we match brands and content creators with the right song & artist to reach their target audiences. Our brand partners have seen meaningful conversion increases from working with us, and this is what inspires us to keep building SoStereo every day. This is just the beginning for us - we are aiming to be as user-driven as possible so would appreciate any feedback you have! Thank you all for hunting us, Salo
And also owe a huge shout out and thank you to @bentossell and @ems_hodge - amazing community managers!!!
@salosterental @beller good job - looks pretty similar to vimeo music store - how do you guys differentiate ?
@alexksso thanks for the question! We have a couple of key differences from music libraries such as vimeo's. First and foremost we're artist centric, providing indie artist music through partnerships with top indie labels/publishers. Secondly, and in conjunction to the artists, we offer the artist's data demographics as a way to help brands and content producers get a better grasp as to brand-fit. What better way to measure if a piece of music is right for a video campaign than to have hard data breakdowns showing you that that music can help you reach & captivate your target audiences? Providing music data helps users make smarter decision about music choices and help unlock the marketing power of music for video campaigns. Lastly, it's the scalability that our easy licensing backend allows - whether you want to do a social media video that runs for a month, or a worldwide, all-media, in perpetuity production, we've taken care of all the legal backend so users can just click and license. We're going beyond the licensing space (the key focus of music libraries) and really looking unlock the marketing power of music and streamline the brand-to-artist relationship.
Great concept and awesome team!
@jbutlerxviii Thanks Johnathan!!