Automatic car crash detection app, using your phone's data

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Hey guys! Im the founder and CEO of SOSmart the app which might save your life. Thanks @bramk for posting :) SOSmart can automatically detect if the user has been involved in a car accident just by reading the regular sensors of your smartphone and sends your location to emergency contacts highly reducing rescue time. The smart algorithm has been developed using real car crash data from the NHTSA. So why is this app so important? Because time is extremely important in accidents and seconds can make the difference. According to the European Comission Ecall can reduce rescue time up to 60%. SOSmart also has a panic button and a nearby hospitals list :) With @socratescl we built SOSmart because we want to make Ecall accesible to anyone in the world and save as many lives as possible. If you guys think it´s a great initiative please help me sharing the app :) Im also looking for as much feedback as possible to improve the app. We also wrote this article in case you want some more information :
SOSmart is a really useful app. The mechanics behind the crash algorithm are superB and well tested. Fortunately i never was been involved in a car crash, but nobody knows when that could happen. @anibalmadrid is a very smart person and i'm absolutlely sure that SOSmart will be a successfuly app.
@px740 Thanks Sebastián! Glad you actually like our work :D
I and my family have been using the app for some months already. Fortunately we haven't had any accidents, but it is good to know that something as simple as an app can help us in case we have one.
@alvarosilvao Awesome Alvaro! It´s our core value to give peace of mind and Im happy we´re actually helping you and your family feel safer :D
Not a fan of these insurance like apps. What happens if the time when you really need it the app fails to send SOS (bug) or even work because of say a new OS upgrade? I would not be putting my life in the hands on an app. An app isn't always a solution to everything. I think here you need to build a solid brand recognition that also shows a track record of solid app stability i.e. app always works. You could encourage your users to test the SOS frequently so a level of trust is built and at the same time increase the app's engagement. Btw how does the app handle where data signals is nil? Or when there is no cell signal?
@andrzejb200sx Hi Andrzej, thanks for posting :) As you mention an app is not the perfect solution, just like any system in the world it might fail. But certainly it is much better than nothing, isn´t it? If you happen to live in a country where hardware Ecall is being implemented(which might still fail...even NASA rockets fail) and have money to pay hundreds of dollars every year, then sure it is much better I agree! But reality is that people isn´t willing to pay money for something that might save their life. For example, in USA only 2% of drivers are subscribed to to automated crash assistance services. That´s why we developed this free app which is super easy to use, to have as many drivers as possible using an automatic car crash detection system. We really want to save lives! And yes, that´s a super good suggestion, remind people to try the SOS button out periodically. Just wanted to let you know that I personally test it before releasing any new update. SOSmart does alert you everytime you start a trip with a notification saying " We are taking care of you. Have a safe trip" and by what our users have told us, that makes them feel safe and confident that the app is actually working. If there is no data signal then for our iPhone users we can´t do much. On the other hand the Android version sends an SMS that might work if there is no data signal. If there is no signal at all, our app keeps trying to send the alert until it gets signal. If not signal is ever available then the alert is not sent. We are currenlty working on a hardware version aimed for companies that has satellital communication embedded, this will solve the no signal problem since it works anywhere in the world :) Again thanks for your questions and if I wasn´t clear enough in any point please ask me again :D. I invite you to try SOSmart out im sure you´ll like it!
@anibalmadrid my point about reliability is that a 911 call works even across other cell networks. Apps do not. You alone testing a life saving app gives me less confidence than say a specialized team. You really have 0 room for error.
@andrzejb200sx I feel you dont quite got the idea of the app. If you have a crash and you are able to dial 911 then do it. It is the best u can do. But what happens when u cant(unconscius for example)? Like this story SOSmart could have saved the guy and saved a lot of pain to her... Our app doesnt want to replace 911. Wants to be complementary and speed up the rescue. My Whole team test it out before any release. We have been working on it for a year and have already notified over 350 car accidents around the world. We have never had a single user complaining that it didnt work. I understand your Whole point about not being a perfect system and zero room for error, but dont u think it is much better than nothing?