Sorry Babe

Find the right present for your love, after you screwed up

Screwed up Valentines Day?

I created a website to help out guys to find the right present for their girlfriend or wife, especially after they screwed up something. Based on the answer to the question "How mad is she?", the right products are shown to them.

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Hey ProductHunt Community! I hope this funny side project website helps some of you, especially if Valentines Day didn't go so well... Please let me know if you like it!
@simon_r Hilarious! Showed my husband already 🤭
Funny idea, but probably dead waiting for the delivery.
Funny idea) But I don't see big future sorry Maybe think abıout somehow integrate it with ecommerce stores
@nikjara probably wasnt designed with big future plans :)
@hroland_ so what is the sense then?
@nikjara could be a ton of reasons. To have fun, entertain people, learn a new skill maybe, discover new fields, show the world what youre capable of, etc 😊
Hey @nikjara, thanks for your comment! @hroland_ already put it in great words. This is a funny side project of mine, with the main goal to learn new skills, and also entertain people. Hopefully you will find one of my upcoming projects more useful! :)

Should be for women too.


Funny ideea.


Should be for women too.

Well, I mean, as a joke I guess it’s not too bad. Design wise it looks kinda cool too. But other than that it’s just a bunch of stereotypes thrown in together. It perpetuates this idea that women like certain types of objects (especially if they are pink of course) and that you can get people to forgive you by buying them stuff (aka fix your problems with money instead of effort)