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@iamCardin I would love to know the story behind Soound.
Hi @corleyh! started from a personal need. As a music producer/songwriter I would often call upon other musicians here in LA via my network or craigslist to help "bring to life" my records. Whether it was someone on keys or if I needed a killer guitar solo or even an engineer. The process of finding someone to play exactly what I wanted ended up being a challenge. I often went through multiple who were talented but couldn't give me what I was looking for musically, yet I would still have to pay them for their time. That's obviously frustrating & ultimately became the genesis of Soound...
Having used 99Designs before in the past, I found the model to be very efficient & tackled the problem I was facing in music head on! I ask for what I'm looking for musically, set a budget of what I'm willing to spend & then in comes submissions from all over the world of exactly what I'm looking for. No longer do I have to waste time searching around & posting on Craigslist, wasting time & money. The reception has been awesome & we're moving forward with new features as we speak to improve the overall experience for the music community at large!
4 digit signups in less than 24 hours since being featured on @ProductHunt & having discussions with some very interested important people! :-) @rrhoover @corleyh
Is this mostly for musicians to help other musicians? I'm familiar with AudioDraft, they're somewhat similar but they are focused on the 99Designs type offering for advertisers and brands. Looks like Soound is more targeted toward musicians, which is a great way to bring people together to collaborate. I wish you luck :)
@samhouston that is correct Sam... A simple use case is a singer song-writer artist has a song that he/she wrote on their guitar or piano. They'd like to get the song fully produced to their liking. They post the rough on, set a budget & get producers around the world to create them the record! We've helped film producers score their short films & even helped startups find the right voice for their intro video voice overs!