Massage Delivered To You ( Uber for Massage )

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Available 7 days a week. 9am to midnight. Including holidays.Can be there in 1 hour or schedule in advance.Anywhere you want, when you want, starting at $99. Quite a few startups in this space now. Checkout Massage , Unwind Me , Zeel, Urban Massage hunted before.
I don't think I've ever seen Scottsdale as a launch market before.
@stttories Scottsdale deserves to relax, too! Don't be discouraged, we will hook you up with a free massage when we launch our San Jose beta. :) Sign up, and I'll credit your account.
@merlink And there is a ton of money there - pretty smart. Hey, thanks! That's very generous :) I'll keep my eye out for the SJ launch!
Great service - and I love the prices. Appeals to my value-for-money psyche
This is pretty awesome. I got a massage from them when I was traveling to Los Angeles about 3 months ago. Easy, on time, and great massage. I also think they were one of the first to start doing this.
@george_revutsky Thanks for the love. Soothe was the original, and is still, the only *truly* "on-demand" massage provider. We deliver a world-class Soothe therapist to your door in 1 hour.