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Hey team! A few friends and I have been working on this project for a little while. Excited to get some people playing around with it. Soon is a place to share and find what's happening, wherever and whenever it may be. With more events than ever, both IRL and digital, Soon makes sure you and your friends never miss something awesome. Tired of missing that sale, live stream, AMA, pre-order, show premiere, birthday party, or happy hour? Often all we want is a simple nudge letting us know an event is starting. Credit where credit is due, the inspiration here came from @benrbn and the Meerkat product. I loved the way they thought about scheduling live streams, and wanted to expand that experience to a variety of other content types. P.S. If you'll be heading to Southby this weekend, be sure to follow the Best of SXSW account and subscribe to some of the events there!
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@mazzeo 🙌 Good to see this finally out there:) I got a veerrrryyy early look and the product has come so far since the beginning. Nice work
@mazzeo very cool Matt I'm going to definitely check it out
@mazzeo It looks great! Congrats on the launch
@mazzeo I love this product on first impression... A great way to connect people and events. Have you considered integrating http://www.ticketmaster.com event listings? ...This could grow the platform to new audiences... Imagine a Soon Calendar featuring all the "Home Games" of a local sports team where fans can connect with other season ticket-holders. Thanks for reading and for the inspiration. Best regards. JB.
@mazzeo Loving Soon! I can see the love that went into making this product. Brilliant idea of adding an event song (30 sec Spotify/iTunes preview I presume). Makes the event feel alive before it even started! Great job
Smart idea for a few reasons: 1. Event discovery isn't mediocre at best 2. Kids don't use calendars 3. Events are fragmented across many platforms (Facebook, Eventbrite, Splash, etc.) This will be super useful at SXSW.
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@rrhoover For the event discovery part drop!in (http://idrop.in) is solving this quite elegantly. Including ML based data cleaning and prioritization. The app was Accenture Customer Innovation Award finalist (top 3 - globally) in 2016 and will list it's 1 million^st events in 2017.
@rrhoover regarding your third point - won't this just fragment them onto yet another platform? Don't get me wrong, I like the idea (and actually worked on a similar product) but I think it fragments things further unless it dominates or pulls in events from those other services (if their API allows it).
@_kjakm I imagine Soon more as an aggregator of events. Anyone can "copy" event details from Facebook, Eventbrite, and other places.
@rrhoover If it works out like that it will be super useful. 🤞
@_kjakm @rrhoover I have to agree with Kieran - if you aren't aggregating all of the major ones already then you're more adding to the problem than helping it... or is your play to get bought by a Facebook/Eventbrite etc and replace their not-so-great even platform?
I got an early look at this app and its been rad to see all the fresh product decisions the team made. way to go guys
Very excited to check this out @mazzeo! Good luck at SXSW. And the standard question—when do the Android folks stop missing out on the best events? 😉
@kunalslab just an experiment for now so android might have to wait :(
@mazzeo OK 😑 I will install it on my iPad. Good luck with the experiment. What are you trying to learn from the tests?
Congrats team! Excited to play with this at SXSW
@eriktorenberg thanks Erik... see you there