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Thanks for posting Jason! I'm the founder of Soon together with @carlancher. Our idea was basically to create a better alternative to normal notes / to-do apps, specializing on the thing you REALLY WANT to do or experience: like films, restaurants, books, tv-series, cafés etc. We're different from Notes / Evernote etc. in a number of ways: - We have pre-defined categories to keep lists in order - We give content for every item you add: right info for every item you add: posters, maps, plots, casts, writers, links, opening hours, contacts… by integrating various databases - We let people see what their own friends are adding to their lists, and what's trending in the whole Soon community right = great inspiration We basically want to make Soon into a combination of IMDB, Goodreads, Foursquare etc, but for stuff you want to do (not have done), and just much much simpler.
@evrello Is it possible for people to add categories? What if something comes up that will fit into the app but you dont have a category for it. OCD nightmare waiting to happen!... How do you intend to tackle that?
@jasondainter @evrello we're actually working on a "open" category for the next version. It will let people add stuff that does not fit. BUT most importantly we're listening to users' own ideas about which categories should be added and improved, and we will implement continuously
@jasondainter the ones we have planned right now are: Stores, Podcasts, Events (concerts, festivals etc.), Cooking (recipes), Drinks (beer, wine, cocktails) and possibly Music
@evrello podcasts would be brilliant. Im forever finding good podcasts and have tried a few solution that lets me bookmark them and them when I have a spare 10 mins (eg on a train or walking somewhere) play them. What I really want is a simple todo list that stored the URL so I can then listen to it later.
@evrello about open categories, how does this work? When I log in and go to the main list (movies, tv series, etc) how do I add another category there? Cant see an add button.
Ive been getting through my fair share of todo lists over the years, and havnt really ever settled on one. After thinking about one of the reasons my todo apps get messy when I use them to record everything, is the important stuff that I really need to get done gets cluttered together with things you really want to just make a note of, eg a movie you want to download/watch, a hotel you want to visit some day, books you want to read, cafes you like the look of, and so on. Soon seems to be solving that problem as a standalone app and adding a social layer on top so that you can see what is trending and share things you plan to do next with your friends. Would love to hear from the founders on their plans for this and how they see tools like Evernote/ Apple Notes as a (big) competitor?
Fuck yeah! To-do lists made fun. True story.
@sempler Thanks! Have you tried using it? Any extra good or bad things you want share with us??
Was just reading @KevinRose's latest Journal issue and he declared Soon his App of the Month! Looks really interesting. From the email: ""You HAVE to watch Stranger Things, it's sooo good." "Mr. Robot really gets the computer hacking stuff right,definitely check it out." "Kevin, you have to get caught up, go home tonight and watch The Night Of." The above quotes are actual recommendations from my friends. It seems every week or two someone is recommending a new TV series, book, bar, band, etc. often over a beer or two. These recommendations sometimes go into my notepad, but often get acknowledged and then forgotten. Enter: Soon. Soon is your everyday bucket list, an app that tracks all the things you'd like to get around to doing, someday... soon."
I also cannot find restaurants Cafes or bars in my area - in Sydney Australia. Nice app otherwise!