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Soochi is the best place to find, and list internet business that can be run by either solopreneurs or small (remote) teams.

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Hello, everyone I have been working on a small project for quite some time, and now that it's finally done, I would love to introduce it to the PH community, and get some feedback. Meet [Soochi](, the best place to find and list profitable internet businesses that might be available for sale to the right buyer. Soochi isn't a marketplace. In fact, I made Soochi in such a way that it follows a job-board approach to listing business. Here's how I see this working for business owners/buyers: 1. Maker tell their stories via Soochi (aka list their business) and share what they expect from a buyer 2. Potential buyer read these stories, and get in touch if they seem like a good fit. 3. They close the deal. I actually wrote a [blog post]( explaining how I see things working with Soochi, and included a $30 off coupon code, if you'd like to list your business. Let me know if you have any questions? Inspired by @csallen and @indiehackers / Made with @ajlkn Carrd / Huge shout-out to @bentossell for being a no-code MVP ----- Update: Soochi was shutdown in May 2018, but can be accessed by this [link](
Kudos for both the fresh approach (not a market place) + shipping this with no code required. Very cool.
@samcambridge Thanks, Sam. The combination of Carrd + Airtable can result in amazing products!
@samcambridge @parasharanmol wow! just carrd + airtable. hope this model works, it is really interesting.
@ebrahimkhalil Yeah, it'd be great if people can switch over to the Soochi way, from the traditional marketplaces that are now in place.
@ebrahimkhalil @parasharanmol That switch-over process seems like the key. Great that you've identified that! How do you plan to help people with that transition?
@d4nyll I find marketplaces like Flippa are geared more towards the sale, than the business itself. In fact, they are not founder-friendly at all. The current process of listing on such site (more or less) is this: You list your business for sale on one of those marketplace, hated by almost all serious buyers. You get low-balled. You get low-balled some more. You decide not to sell your business. You get banned by the marketplace for unethical behavior!? I want Soochi to be a founder-first site. The founder tell his story, they mention their terms, and if they feel like they have found a great buyer for their business, they choose to sell. You'll see we don't have things like Sell Price, Verified stats etc. Soochi's job is to get the business in front of potential buyers, just like a job board's job is to get the job-post in front of potential employees. Hope that made sense!
@parasharanmol Thanks a lot for clarifying, I'll be keeping an eye on it!
@d4nyll Always happy to help :)