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#4 Product of the DayJune 26, 2016
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Hi Everyone, 4.5 years ago I launched a crowdfunding platform, which I still operate and own (, also My role was, and still is, to guide people who want to crowdfund how to do it properly, before and DURING the campaign. I think I helped thousands of people so far. I also lecture frequently about crowdfunding. As most of you know, most people don't go into crowdfunding platforms to look for campaigns to support, the way we look for new products on PH or flights on Kayak. That means people who want to get funded need to market their crowdfunding campaign, and that isn't an easy task for most people (its easier for gadget-related projects). I found myself building for my customers a guide on how to market their crowdfunding campaign, it started as a blog post, then a time-line and now I decided to build a chat-bot for this, so please meet Sonya (: She will tell you what to do and when in your crowdfunding campaign, all you need to do is listen, and add your personal touch. Based on my experience people who used this guide significantly increased their chances to get funded. I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas, it's the first version and there is a lot I intend to add in the future, but feel free to start using it now. SO GO AHEAD AND SEND HER A PM WITH "HI" (: Enjoy Arik
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@erikbrodch, looks like a very interesting bot, why does it design for 30 days campaign?
@royamir3 Hi! Well, statistically it the optimal time period. When you crowdfund you need to be active and market your campaign, it's almost like a job. Most people can't take months of their life and do it properly. Also, potential backers should feel some element of urgency.
@erikbrodch Great idea! Do Sonya's tips apply to all crowdfunding platforms?
@giligolander Thanks Gili. Good question. Yes it does, but more relevant to donation and reward based crowdfunding platforms. Equity based crowdfunding platforms are just starting to get general public traction in the US and I believe the marketing problem there are,to some extent, less significant (people will actively look for investment opportunities)
@erikbrodch Thanks for the detailed answer Arik!
Hi there, Great job developing this Bot. The only advice I can give you to make it even better is to work on your immersion. The first message I got from Sonya was an external link promoting the author's stuff. You should make your users stay with her, instead of sending them elsewhere :)
@doriancamilleri Thanks so much for the feedback Dorian, already taken care of following your feedback, I do need people to stay on the bot (:
Since 15 hours ago Sonya replied to more than 1,000 messages!!!
Cool Arik. Bots are awesome (saying this even though I assure you I am not a bot)
Why did you choose to give your bot a female gender?
@beaugunderson well, I thought of a name that starts with S so I can show a $ sign in the logo. I also have a neighbor named Sonya... that's it I think
@beaugunderson Thanks, I'll read it.