Sony MDR-1000X Headphones

Bluetooth, noise-cancelling headphones that rival Bose

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Yeah... this is *not* happening in the real world.
@joshuapinter We said that about people taking photos with iPads, people using bluetooth headsets...
I wouldn't do this. The polite thing to do would be to take them off momentarily and put them around your neck when engaging in a conversation with somebody.
@tarungangwani @joshuapinter except BT headphones already exist and it's not happening in the real world
I just bought the Bose QC 35 and LOVE them. Based on research I did, there was no competition. These seems like they can give Bose a run for their money...all $400 of the money it costs to buy them.
Although not new (or wireless), I'm a big fan of the B&W P5's. Had them for several years, wear them daily.
@rrhoover do you have a pair of wireless headphones?
@tylerh I don't! I don't mind the cord.
@rrhoover just curious with the drawn of headphone jack-less devices approaching. Great thing is that most of these headphones can plug in a cable when/if the battery dies.
@tylerh @rrhoover B&W (as of yesterday) offer both their P5 and P7 headphones in a wireless version.
I tried these att IFA today and they blow the bose away. I will be replacing my bose quite comfort 25 with these
@ridim in terms of sound quality I presume? how about for noise cancelling?
@_jacksmith also better in noise cancelling!
@ridim Impressive. How was the fit and feel?
Been looking at QC 35, the PXC 550, and now these. Curious that everyone says Bose is still the best for noise canceling but the competing products are still more $. Sound may be a little better but since these headphones are mostly for commuters seems strange. Would definitely love to try these first.
@tylerh I wouldn't go for Bose before trying Sennheiser's Momentum wireless 'phones. Comparable (but marginally worse) noise cancellation and (in the opinion of myself and a few others who have tried both) better audio.