The ONLY App that REWARDS you for Streaming Music!

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It's certainly an intriguing concept, but I'd love to see more baseline information on the site before setting up an account. Who is paying me and what's their incentive?
@dwade Working on our website now. Our business model is similar to Pocket Points, check them out!
@ross_jason Thanks, Ross!
This is an interesting idea, but I'm fairly skeptical of its viability at scale. It seems too easy to me for it to fall into payola territory, which ultimately undermines the integrity of the music. I like the idea of rewarding people for being engaged, but being paid money to listen to music seems too malleable in a way that may result in a warped execution of the original concept. We shall see. Good job building though, always appreciate new ideas.
@adammarx13 Thanks for the feedback, we're going to throughly enjoy proving you wrong :D
Doesn't this violate Spotify's T&C's?
@stevenjacobs_ We've applied for Commercial Use and are getting a head start on showing user validation to prove we can create more value for everyone involved.
How about you give that money to the actual artists? Why do we need it? We are already getting the music for free or practically free.