Sonos S2

The new OS powering the next generation of Sonos products

Customize your Sonos system with speakers, soundbars, and components that connect over WiFi. Stream any song, podcast, audiobook, or radio station to any room, and elevate your TV, movie, and gaming experiences.
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Man, the tech support calls that Sonos is going to get about this migration from S1 to S2... it's going to be a rocky several months. The weird thing is — the app's barely been redesigned. I would expect that such a moment would call for an overhaul, like the did to their brand more broadly. I actually like the new design — but the app... still looks eerily familiar. Well, here's to discussing what being in generation S2 brings!
@chrismessina barely been redesigned? I'm struggling to find any difference at all. The only difference I can see is the app icon is a different color. Other than that I don't see any difference between S1 and S2
@nrmadi the mobile iOS app has a slightly refreshed look. The desktop Mac app isn't really different at all.
@nrmadi @chrismessina Cannot find any difference, i assume its a backend overhaul for future features - wondering why they couldn't have waited until those were ready.
@nrmadi @nabeel one of the big differences will be support for HD Audio and Dolby Atmos. I imagine there will also be forthcoming enhancements to voice services and personalization (i.e. deeper integration into music providers or the native Sonos Radio product).
👌🏾👌🏾 big fan of Sonos
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