Sonos One

A self-contained, Alexa-connected speaker from Sonos

The Sonos One is Sonos's newest speaker, with Alexa integration and a powerful speaker for any home.

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Alexa integration may be the most requested Sonos feature. I know @corleyh has been waiting for this. 😊
Very exciting that Sonos One, Google Home Max and Apple HomePod are all launching in Q4. I'm in the market for a new wireless speaker, it's going to be a tough battle between these three.
@benkingntu you should check out Denon/Marantz Heos as well. They have a full product line with Heos speakers, AVR, preamp, amp. I think they just need to make their app better.
I have no idea why Sonos marketing is so inept. Adding voice control is nice but what existing Sonos owners want to know is how to manage their Zones. They didn’t show this in the video and basically made the speaker look like a basic Echo
It’s also getting google assistant in 2018 🤤
Does this means sonos will be releasing their proper spotify connected app for older sonos devices? I want to get rid of the hacky cable/aux in set up.